Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattoo art, using custom blended pigments inserted into the dermal layer of skin to create natural looking eyebrows, soft subtle eyeliner or a sparking lip blush.


Men and women have this procedure performed to achieve the look of fullness and thickness of sparse lashes. Having eyeliner or lash enhancement will save you time and money while looking good 24/7. Interested in Permanent Cosmetics in Madison? Call me today.

Powder Eyebrows

Powdered Brows is a defined brow with a soft look such as the Ombre' brow which is a powder with different shades of powdering, going from soft to darker in color to create a natural looking brow. Microshading is a versatile technique that combines microblading and Powdering.


Microblading will restore the eyebrows you once had, giving you a natural looking brow. If you have sparse brows, asymmetrical features, physical disabilities, play sports, have a visual impairment, or just want to look your best all day and night, then Microblading Eyebrows is for you.


Luscious…Full… Pouty... Sultry... Kissable… Defined...By having lip color applied you will have fantastic looking lips all day and night. You may apply a lipstick or gloss over your color for a more dramatic look. If you live in Madison, WI, call me today for Permanent Costmetics.

Vitiligo Camouflage

Custom blended pigments are used to match your skin tone and camouflage the vitiligo areas affected. This is done by gently inserting pigment with special equipment and needles. Never worry about Exercising, swimming or your foundation rubbing off, get the freedom you deserve. Call me today for vitiligo Camouflage.

Tattoo Removal

The tattoo removal method used is a non-laser technique that is non-color selective, less painful and less expensive. Interested in Tattoo Removal in Madison? Call me today.

Mens Eyebrow & Eyeliner

Not only women benefit from Microblading and Permanent eyeliner, but men do as well. Mens eyebrow and eyeliner is a great solution for men with alopecia or cancer and have lost partial or all of their eyebrows and eyelashes. Shape, size and color will be decided at your appointment to bring back the masculine look of your own brows

Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp Pigmentation known as scalp micropigmentation, Tricopigmentation, hair tattoo and hair pigmentation was born back in 1998, thanks to Toni Belfatto and Ennio Orsini. Using their technique we are able to create an optical illusion of hair where no hair exists. It is a solution to solve baldness, scarring and alopecia areata.


MicroNeedling is a process which is similar to pigment implantation, but without using pigments (ink). A “dry needle” is directed through the center of crevices (wrinkles) or acne scars to draw a light bloodline. As the brain recognizes trauma to that area, it responds by generating collagen and elastin directing it to the affected area.



Permanent makeup is the art and application of custom color blended pigments inserted into the dermal layer of skin to create soft powder brow, soft subtle eyeliner or a sparking lip color.


If the permanent makeup is applied by a licensed, well-educated technician who knows how to design your makeup and uses the correct pigment colors the results should appear very natural.


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