Permanent Makeup Reviews


What my clients have to say about their Permanent Makeup experience with me!


I had been contemplating having microblading done for some time. I researched many businesses and found Lasting Beauty Cosmetics online. I read the reviews, viewed her before and after pics and made an appointment. It was easy to schedule an appointment. Tammy emailed all the necessary information to me well in advance. The day of my appointment Tammy was very professional and I felt very comfortable. She used appropriate PPE and explained each step to me and answered my questions. She took her time and was very detailed. She reviewed proper after care instructions with me. I am very satisfied with my results and would recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics to my friends and family.

Amy E

I cannot say enough great things about Lasting Beauty Cosmetics and Tammy’s work!! I knew I was in great hands from the moment I scheduled my appointment. Tammy takes the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer any questions you may have. She is very honest and straightforward. She is a master of her craft!! I am beyond pleased with the results (top and bottom eyeliner). I will forever recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics to anyone interested in cosmetic tattooing.

Was impressed by the clean calming atmosphere of the salon. Tammy was professional and explained things as she went along, always asking me if I was comfortable. Went over all post procedure care and even had me practice. A very positive experience.

Diane H

I had my eyebrows microbladed by Tammy and I can’t say enough about her great work! I am so happy with how they turned out and would recommend anyone who is interested to see her!

Hanna M

I cannot say enough great things about Lasting Beauty Cosmetics and Tammy’s work!! I knew I was in great hands from the moment I scheduled my appointment. Tammy takes the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer any questions you may have. She is very honest and straightforward. She is a master of her craft!! I am beyond pleased with the results (top and bottom eyeliner). I will forever recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics to anyone interested in cosmetic tattooing.


I would highly recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics to anyone I know looking to get permanent makeup. Tammy was very nice and professional, her salon is also very comfortable, and clean. I had a great experience and am very happy with my services.

Jennifer H

I cannot say enough good about my experience. I had microblading done by someone else a year ago….honestly you couldn’t even tell. This experience was NIGHT and day different from my previous one. The level of discomfort was NOTHING compared to what I experienced my first time. I even told Tammy if for some reason I HAD to I could make it through the procedure without the Anesthetic. If you are at all considering having microblading done GO SEE TAMMY. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH ANYBODY ELSE!! I am beyond pleased with my entire experience!!!

Julie R

My experience with Tammy was wonderful she was very friendly and professional everything was very clean and she really put me at ease. I could not believe the results when we were finished she does amazing work and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting eyebrows or permanent makeup.

Tanya N

I am extremely happy with my brows! I would highly recommend Tammy! And she really makes sure they are the shape that you want, and that they are even before making anything permanent. She also has good people skills and makes you feel very welcome. The price is a lot cheaper then other salons and way better reviews.


Tammy Stanek is a true artist in her unique business. I have nothing but high praise for her work and her professionalism.


Tammy did an absolutely wonderful job on my eyebrows. Extremely professional. I will definitely be going back and will recommend to anyone looking for permanent makeup.

Stacy C

Tammy has exceptional skills! I am incredibly happy with my eyebrows and I would recommend Lasting Beauty to anyone. After my microblading appointment, I didn’t experience any pain, scabbing or peeling. I can’t believe how great they heeled and how natural they look!

Megan B

I absolutely LOVE my new brows!!! Tammy is AMAZING at what she does. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! I’m a super happy customer!!! Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Megan H

Tammy did a great job. She took the time with me to determine the best shape and color for my brows. She is extremely detailed and took the time needed to make sure my brows were drawn on to my liking before starting the microblading. I would definitely recommend her! Thank you Tammy!

Christine A

I LOVE my eyebrows and eyeliner done by Tammy. You can trust her to do what’s best for you in both color and shape. I will absolutely return to her for touch ups in the future!

Debra S

I have never gotten a tattoo before, I really was not worried about getting! space eyebrows and permanent eyeliner done. Tammy is an expert at her art & I would not consider going anywhere else!!!!!

Kristy E

I am so very happy with my brows and eyeliner! Tammy did a wonderful job with both and it has been awesome! I love not having to put on eye make up every day and having it rub or come off during the day. I have a very fair complexion and prior to having this done I looked very pale when not wearing make up. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I really cannot say enough about Tammy and this very positive experience.


My experience with Tammy was excellent. She is a perfectionist in her art, and is a wonderful person to work with. She responded to all of my questions/concerns in a very timely manner both before and after my eyebrow procedure, and I would definitely recommend Tammy for anyone considering permanent make-up.

Barb B

Tammy is wonderful. Very thorough and knowledgeable. I have gone to her for years now and will not trust anyone else!

Brooke M

I had my eyeliner done about 5 years ago by someone else, and it was done very poorly. Migrated pigment, broken lines, the works. I looked around for a local permanent makeup artist to help fix my eyeliner, and found the Lasting Beauty website. I looked through Tammy’s photo portfolio, and loved the different shapes she created, so I decided to toughen up and make an appointment, even after my bad experience with a different artist. She not only gave me the most perfect winged eyeliner, exactly what I wanted, but she also covered and corrected the spotty and faded previous eyeliner. I was so smitten with her eyeliner work (BEST decision I’ve ever made, by the way), that I just went back for another appointment this week to deepen the color (it has been 3 years since my first appointment with Tammy) AND I decided to spring for the eyebrows, too! I was always afraid of getting my brows done because they’re such an important feature, but Tammy showed such care and precision with my eyeliner and SUCH perfectionism, that I knew she could be trusted with my brows. She spent a long time with me drawing them on, measuring them, making sure they were even and balanced. She listened to my preferences, mixed in her own professional knowledge, and created some gorgeous brows for me. Afterword, I could barely believe how awesome they were. They were perfectly symmetrical, and suited my strong features PERFECTLY. They are healing beautifully, too, because her technique is so good. I have recommended her to everyone I know who is thinking about taking the plunge into permanent cosmetics. It is honestly one of the best most life-changing decisions I’ve ever made, and I couldn’t be more happy. Thank you, Tammy! It was good to see you again!

Karmen F

Tammy does excellent work. Very professional. She walks you through each step as she’s doing the procedure. I love my new eyebrows and eyeliner!

Nancy L.

Tammy did an amazing job! She is so kind & knowledgeable and professional. She made sure I was comfortable the whole time & my eyebrows turned out AMAZING. She really is an expert & you can tell she loves what she does. It was the best experience!!

Haily M

Tammy worked with me to conceal my scalp scar from a serious childhood injury. I felt I was in expert hands the whole time, and am very pleased with the end result. I definitely recommend Tammy for any permanent cosmetics needs!


From my first contact with Tammy until the moment I left, I felt welcomed, informed, safe, and treated as though you genuinely cared about my results. Her business is so professional, impeccably clean and with great attention to detail. I am absolutely IN LOVE with my brows. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or more perfect outcome. Thank you, Tammy!


I’ve drawn on my brows for years and am incredibly particular (read: crazy perfectionist) about them! I spent a long time debating even having them permanently done because I wasn’t concerned with finding someone as detail-oriented as I myself am. Upon finding Tammy’s work at Lasting Beauty Cosmetics, I finally felt like there was someone in my area that I could relinquish brow trust in! My appointment went very smoothly in Tammy’s nice home studio. She’s super kind and welcoming and took her time to perfectly draw on my brows (and she has a lot of patience because I kept asking for small adjustments to my liking!) When she finished, I was a bit freaked out at how dark and severe they looked, despite her warning. I’m now 1 week post appointment and my brows are fully healed. I am THRILLED with how perfect they look. Tammy’s shading is precise and finely graded – my brows look natural, yet defined. Long story short, I will absolutely go back to Tammy when I need future touch-ups and will recommend her services with no hesitation.


Tammy does excellent work. She is very thorough, precise and wants you to be happy! I had microblading done and went back for a touch up and powdering. I have alopecia and my brows make me feel “normal”. I LOVE MY BROWS. Tammy is excellent in her craft and really cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her!

Deb F.

Very clean and professional. Excellent work! Listens to what you want, which to me is super important! Definitely recommended to friends who have asked me where I went!


Tammy makes you feel right at ease she is very personable. Tammy helps you find the right fit for your eyebrows and color for your lips. She is a professional and learned from the best!


Absolutely wonderful!!! Tammy is fantastic!!! I tell everyone about her amazing work.


I have had permanent makeup from 2 different providers in the past. Tammy is an amazing artist/professional and exceeded all my expectations and more. She has a clinic-like facility in her home with top notch skills she has learned from many reputable clinicians nationally and abroad. She is the best. I gave her name and number to the PA at my plastics clinic. The plastics PA was amazed at how natural and perfect my microbladed brows appear. I will be keeping Tammy in my beauty quest contacts for future touch ups.


I wish I would have done this years ago with Tammy! I am in love with my new eye brows, Tammy is amazing and very professional! A bonus, my husband loves waking up next to me in the morning with eyebrows!


Absolutely wonderful!!! Tammy is fantastic!!! I tell everyone about her amazing work


All of my questions and concerns were addressed immediately. Since I have been diagnosed with Alopecia and have lost my eyebrows I was determined to get the most realistic looking permanent eyebrows. I researched the various permanent pigmentation artists and Tammy was the only one who indicated she was able to work with Alopecia Clients. Tammy took great care to be sure my “new” eyebrows fit my face and matched my hair color. I love my new eyebrows! You can’t believe how much it changes my confidence to have them back!


This is my second service with Tammy. First my eyebrows that I receive compliments on regularly. Now eyeliner. I am so very happy and truly trust Tammy to help my beauty needs. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to have a great experience and receive true quality work.


Tammy had useful suggestions that assisted in providing great results. she is a pro. works with you and continually checking to make sure you are comfortable. I am very happy with the results. thanks again.


Tammy is the consummate professional. Her work is fantastic and her professionalism put me at ease. She did a wonderful job selecting colors for my permanent eyeliner that truly complement my coloring. Her training, knowledge, artistic skills, kindness and compassion make her the only person I would see in the Madison area. She micro bladed my eyebrows 14 months ago and they still look fabulous.

Beth B.

Tammy is amazing! She is so kind and patient! Tammy walked me through the permanent eyeliner process and helped me choose the perfect color! I absolutely LOVE my eyeliner! Tammy is thorough in teaching you what to expect before, during and after your appointment. She gives detailed verbal and written directions for aftercare, making this an experience I wish I had done far sooner! I traveled 2 hours to have Tammy do my eyeliner, and it was SO worth the trip! Thank you so much, Tammy!

Kimberly M.

I have wanted to get my eyebrows microbladed for over a year now. I did my research before finding a place and I saw so many amazing reviews about “Lasting Beauty Cosmetics”, so I decided to make my appointment. Let’s just say, I AM IN LOVE WITH MY EYEBROWS!!!! Tammy is amazing!!! When I first got to my appointment she let me go through and look at all the different types of eyebrows she does, from color to shape. We talked for a good 15 minutes about what exact eyebrows would best fit my facial features. Once we found the perfect shape and color she spent about 30 minutes drawing them on my face. I got to look at the outline and immediately I loved them! She is seriously amazing and so, so, so nice! The whole session took about an hour and a half at most, from filling out paperwork, to creating the perfect eyebrow outline, and even including the tattooing itself. I am SO pleased with the outcome. She also went by step by step instructions for aftercare. She is such a nice lady and I am SO thankful I found her. I’ve had my eyebrows done for about 12 hours now, and I have received so many compliments that I can’t even keep count. Not to mention, I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. She does amazing work and is super nice. She cares about her clients. Thank you so much Tammy!!!!


I had eyeliner done on 4/11 and I can not begin to tell you how much it has changed my life in only 2 weeks! I have suffered from unknown allergies for the past 12-15 years. Nothing has stopped my runny, watery, goopy, scratchy, red burning eyes. When I tell you they’re bad believe me, they are BAD! She was able to do the procedure and asked me to try to not wear makeup until my follow up/touch up appt. Not a problem – the eyeliner she did is spectacular and for the first time in 40+ years I have not worn any eye makeup and I’m ok with it! For all I know I could be allergic to makeup! So here’s the thing I HAVE TO TELL YOU…. On Sunday I was outside, in the wind, on a farm, with animals, petting them. with a really bad cold – all the things that would make my eyes almost impossible to even open up. Not one time did they even begin to water! To be honest, I didn’t even realize it until my daughter mentioned I wasn’t wiping my eyes and whining (ha!) I was ecstatic to say the least! The eyeliner is beautiful. Tammy did an outstanding job. I wish I would have done this sooner! As an allergy sufferer this is going to be the answer to my prayers and I could not be any happier! Thank you Tammy! From the bottom of my heart! I know it’s ‘your job’ but you never once made me feel like it was ‘your job’. You are a true gem! Look out summer here I come!!! With eyes wide open!!! Woohoo!!!

Lisa P.

Thank you Tammy for the wonderful care you provided to my Mom. You are so caring and such an ultimate professional. We are happy with her results and she is more confident about herself. You provide a very special gift to people and we wanted to thank you for everything you do!


I must say I am very satisfied with my results, not only was Tammy very professional she made sure I was happy with my outcome, I shared with Tammy that I thought about doing the permanent make up for a few years and she advised me not to unless I was 100% sure this is what I wanted, and I am grateful for that advice. I am loving waking up in the morning getting dressed and not having to apply my eyeliner, It definitely saves me time. Thank you so much Tammy for a job well done!

Lashawn H

I had a wonderful experience with Tammy on my eyebrows. She listened to my wishes and clearly had educated responses and knows what she is doing. The process is easy and she gives you every piece of information you need on the front end. I felt up to speed on what was happening before my appointment and throughout my appointment. I highly recommend microblading if you’re even humoring the idea and working with Tammy at Lasting Beauty if you want beautiful brows!

Suzanne S

Very efficient, thorough and informative as to what the procedure involved. The setting is very cozy and comfortable. The actual drawing of the eyebrows is a little stinging, but tolerable. I am very happy with the ‘new look’ and can’t wait until they are healed. Thank you for your expertise in doing my eyebrows.

Judy B

After years of over-plucking, I basically had no eyebrows left and was drawing them on daily. I did a lot of research about microblading and decided to get them done by Tammy. I’m so glad I did! She was great from the very beginning. Patient, gave advice on thickness and shape, and did an amazing job. My eyebrows look the best they have in years. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I will gladly recommend Tammy to anyone I know looking for permanent makeup.

Amy H

Tammy is so precise & accurate it is no wonder the results are amazing! Thank you!

Ruth C

Tammy did a beautiful job on my eyebrows and eyeliner! My eyes look larger and brighter and I spend half the time on make-up – or I don’t wear any at all.

Holly F.

I struggle with alopecia areata, so I have no eyebrows, this woman helped me so much I can’t thank her enough! She was so patient in making everything perfect! It’s a real art form and she nailed it 100%! It was a very personal experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world! Thank you so much again Tammy! It means so much to me.

Megan B.

What an excellent experience. Tammy was so helpful and accommodating to my busy schedule, and got me in for an appointment right away. I have had permanent eyeliner done by someone ELSE in the past, and it was uneven and my left eye was faded out completely after only about a month. I though all hope for me was lost, but Tammy completely repaired my left eyelid and then re-drew both eyes into gorgeous wings. And they healed beautifully! She was so helpful, so professional, and I will never stop seeing her as my permanent makeup artist! I’m in love with the results!

Karmen F.

Love, love, love, Lasting Beauty Cosmetics! Tammy makes you feel so comfortable while delivering great service!


Tammy is fabulous. She is truly an artist. If I ask her to do something she doesn’t think is a good plan, she will tell me and she is always right. Very happy with her work.


The service I had done was permanent eyebrows. Tammy does outstanding work. She listens and did precise measurements before beginning. I am very pleased with the my eyebrows. I would highly recommend Tammy!

Marcia C.

Tammy spends so much time consulting on the right color and shape of my eyebrows I felt confident that the end result would be something I loved. She is professional and great at communicating what the process is and what to expect. I feel beautiful and her work is impeccable.

Bre L

Tammy is terrific, she made me feel so comfortable and was never rushed. So happy with my new look. Thanks Tammy

Sharon H

Tammy is a truly talented professional. If you are looking STOP now and book with Tammy you will not be disappointed!

Stacy L.

Most Beautiful results!!! I have gone to several so called professional permanent makeup artists. One tried to blind me when doing my eyeliner . One had never seen what true microblading is on eyebrows . I know by experience that Tammy Stanek of Lasting Beauty Cosmetics has trained and is a professional in her field. It shows in the artistry she performs on your skin. You can not get better effects/results than you get from her talented hands, and will be so very pleased once the healing process is over ….Tammy provides you every thing you need in information, as well as lotion to help obtain the best results possible during your healing period the rest is up to you on following the instructions given …. For Lasting Beauty call Tammy Stanek you will be so glad you did!

Petra M.

I would highly recommend Tammy/Lasting Beauty Cosmetics. I was a bit nervous about the procedure, but Tammy made me feel very comfortable and talk me through everything she was doing. There was no pain during the procedure. I followed her before and after instructions which really helped. her salon is beautiful and relaxing. I love my new look!

Marcia P

I can’t say enough about Tammy. First of all, she takes the time to do it right. I never once felt rushed and she treated me with her undivided attention. Tammy is very knowledgeable, caring and confident with her work. I love that she is reachable by phone and email to answer questions or concerns that come up. To sum it up, Tammy is totally committed to your happiness! I will refer Tammy to all my friends and family!

Renee F

She’s AMAZING!! Patient and very good at what she does… I hope one day you’ll teach a class so I can attend.. Thanks so much I love my eyebrows.

Lekisha H

I strongly believe eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. Tammy Stanek (Lasting Beauty Cosmetics) is amazing in performing microblading technique! She did my eyebrows and my first word that came out of my mouth was WOW! Hands down she is the person you need to for microblading! She is not only an expert at her trade, she is a sweetheart as well. I give her a perfect 10 for creating my amazing, natural eyebrows! She is a perfectionist and a true professional. Thank you for being a great artist!

Jackie G.

Tammy always does a fantastic job! For my brows this time , she used the new “microblading” technique for which she has been training recently Tammy is one of the few permanent makeup providers in the world that are certified in this technique. I thought the result with my brows is very impressive. if you are considering permanent makeup, I highly recommend Tammy. She takes the time and does it right.

Cindy M.

Beyond my expectations. Tammy is truly a professional but she treats you like family. You were always kept comfortable during the entire process. Tammy always told you ahead of time what to expect & what she was going to do next. All in all an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results!! And even though it was quite a drive for me I would never go anywhere else!

Tina B.

Tammy’s attention to details, color and shape is excellent. I’m very pleased with the results and highly recommend Tammy’s services.

Kay K.

My appointment was painless and went according to plan. The salon is very clean and modern. Tammy was very professional and I felt at ease during the procedure. I would definitely recommend her services.

Sharon S.

I am so so happy with my perfect eyebrows!!! I enjoy getting to hang out with Tammy. She is extremely professional and also a perfectionist. I searched a lot of places in the Madison area and Lasting Beauty Cosmetics was by far the best I had come across. The price is also very reasonable. Thank you so much Tammy, I am telling everyone I know and I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I feel beautiful:)

Daieille S

Her attention to detail and knowledge with constant mastery training on the latest techniques does not compare to others in the surrounding area.

Erin B

I love Tammy and I love her work. Having been in the business, she knows what she’s doing. I have complete confidence in her. Love, love, love my Phibrows.

Kathy V

I have been to four other practitioners and Tammy excels in what she does. She is an artist among others who are just practicing…


Very professional. I am very happy with the results and will recommend Tammy to my friends. Am thinking about scheduling more procedures in the future.


Thank you, Tammy for your expert workmanship and kindness during my appointment today. You took plenty of time to explain each step during the process, and by the end, I had great looking new eyebrows and felt I’d gained a friend!


Tammy is wonderful. She has great attention to detail. I am so pleased with my eyebrows. They look amazing and I highly recommend this procedure.


Tammy really was patient as I was super sensitive to the work being done! She was cautious and really listened to my concerns! She is helping me to correct a poor eye liner job… phase two is awesome! phase three of tattoo removal will be soon!


The entire process was very smooth. Tammy took her time to ensure that I got the look I wanted. She is extremely talented and I am SO happy with my results! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a super Star in permanent make-up application.


Very professional experience. I appreciate you taking your time to consult and explain everything before we began and during. You have a very warm and welcoming area to work in and for your clients to relax. It was what I had hoped for.


I was nervous when I arrived and I was put to ease and I love my eyebrows. Would highly recommend to everyone!


I just wanted to write a quick follow up with you. I love my new hair cut and style. Thank you for your help! You and your service gave me the opportunity to cut my hair and try something for the very first time. I’m very grateful. Thank you so much!

My hair stylist thought I had a hair transplant! The procedure has given me the confidence to cut my hair much shorter than I normally style it


Tammy does a fantastic job. She is thorough with everything, providing information, supplies and reminders. She’s gentle or as gentle as one can be with needles. A real professional!


Thank you Tammy, you did an excellent job on my brows I’m very happy! Tammy takes pride in what she’s doing, I highly recommend her she is very friendly and her customer service is excellent!


My experience having upper and lower eyes lined was GREAT! Tammy is a true professional and made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics.


I was very satisfied with Tammy’s work. She was very skilled and professional. She takes pride in her work!


I highly recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics. Tammy is excellent at what she does. She loves her job and it really shows in how well she treats her clients. I was a little nervous, but she explained the entire process so well I was completely comfortable. The results are phenomenal. For the first time in a long time I am receiving compliments on my makeup and how I look. This has been a great confidence booster for me. Thank you Tammy!


Lasting Beauty Cosmetics experience from owner Tammy Stanek was wonderful! Tammy is professional, knowledgeable, continues professional development education classes and practices precision with her techniques. She is a caring technician; she makes you feel like you are her only customer for the day! Her studio is clean, safe, warm and inviting; her professional equipment is appropriate for your particular appointment. She prepares you for appointment with solid communication, appropriate forms and clear directions for ‘after care’ of your procedure, even provides a kit to assist you with additional care. Tammy’s calming, but bubbly personality makes you feel welcome. I highly recommend her for your permanent cosmetic change. Thank you for Tammy!


Beautiful work and a very talented lady! Would definitely recommend Tammy to my friends and relatives!


Lasting Beauty was very nice and clean and Tammy was very professional. She did a great job and was sure to make you comfortable.


Love, love, LOVE your work! You really are a talented permanent make-up artist! And, speaking from experiences, I believe you are the Best in the area. Your attention to the fine details of my eyebrows to go with my face was extraordinary! Being a bit nervous, you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I knew I was in good hands! Thank you!


Thank you so much again for the wonderful job you did on my eyes. You are very talented at what you do. Keep up the awesome work!


Tammy took great care in the touch-up of my eyebrows. I am very pleased with the work she did. It took her longer to do the second time around, she wanted to make sure they were perfect! I absolutely appreciate that she was committed to making sure I would be happy with the finished results.


I had an excellent experience. Tammy was friendly and professional. She took her time to make sure my brows would be exactly right, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I would recommend her to anyone looking for permanent makeup. I think she’s really found her calling. Thank you!!!

Rachel S.

Tammy was awesome. She made me feel so comfortable and the experience was wonderful.


Tammy is a perfectionist that’s why she is so good at what she does.

Connie R.

Tammy is very warm and out-going and she is good at what she does. Such a perfectionist and she pays attention to detail. Glad I met you for making my brows look great, love them!!!


Very happy with the variety of services and results.


The most professional job I have ever seen and had done, love the liner, hope my friends will give it a try also. Tammy is so enjoyable to spend time with. I am pushing 70, and said I probably won’t be back at 80, and yet never say never, maybe a lighter liner. Thanks so much Tammy, hope to see you again.


Hi Tammy,

Happy Mother’s Day!
I love my results so far, the healing has gone extremely well.
I took these photos when I returned home Friday and shared with multiple friends and family that evening who are amazed with my results and requesting your information. Hopefully great business for you!!
I wanted to share these with you as I freshened up my face makeup prior to taking just an hour after leaving your home. I thought you might want for your before and after book.
You are amazing at what you do.
Thank you!!


Hello Tammy,

I just wanted to tell you that I love my eyeliner. You did a wonderful job. I have received several compliments and gave out a few of your cards.
Thank you,


Hi Tammy – Just a note to let you know that brow healing went really well. Everyone Loves the new “fresh” look that you gave me. And, I LOVE looking nice without brows penciled on and raccoon eyes because too thick with eye liner! Haha!!! Have had a lot of compliments on the brows and I am eager to point out that you use 3 colors with hair strokes… Much different results than others using one color and the painted on look. So, just had to let you know. So enjoyed our visits. Now, who knows… maybe skin needling… Haha! I will be giving your contact information out so others can try. Take care and all the best to you.


I have had my permanent eyeliner and the skin needling done at Lasting Beauty Cosmetics. Love love love the work that has been done! I can’t count the number of compliments I have received so far. I used to be sun worshiper and smoker, so you can imagine the wrinkles. I have noticed a huge difference as have many other people. I’m not going to lie, the skin needling above the lip did hurt a little but I do not numb well, it wasn’t bad and went away immediately. I certainly would and did do it again (it does take more than one session ). It was a very professional, comfortable and enjoyable experience. I especially love my permanent blue eyeliner. Highly recommend Tammy and Lasting Beauty Cosmetics , in fact I have many many times already.


“Artist Excellence!” To me, an artist is defined as someone who can envision what most others fail to see. They are able to turn those visions into creations. Application of artistry to the perfect medium, whether that be a canvas or something as unique as the human body. They have the patience to mold, sculpt, and bring to life what others simply can not. If they are truly exceptional, they will bring along patience and etiquette as well. Tammy, you are an Artist and an Inspiration! Your work is of the highest quality and your professionalism brings comfort to procedures that most consider “edgy or extreme.” You allow for those of us that may have insecurities, to again feel beautiful and confident. That in itself, is priceless! I highly recommend your services to everyone, and can’t thank you enough for the beautiful results you provide. You, to me, are absolutely the definition of “Artist Excellence.”


Hi, Tammy!

I wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful job you did on my eyebrows! Your personality and talent make you the perfect person to conduct this transformation on many of us that want to look their best! Your attention to detail is outstanding and it shows in the final outcome. Thank you for giving me more confidence in my appearance!
Thanks again!


What a pleasant experience meeting Ms. Tammy Stanek! I originally had my brow procedure 11 years ago (age 26) and it was definitely time to have my 3rd touch up. When I called the Artist that I have always gone to, she told me she could do one final procedure and then would be retiring. I thought, “Oh great! Now what happens. I have these permanent brows and if I can’t find someone that understands the process just as great or better, I am in some serious trouble.” When I showed up at my appointment I was greeted by my Artist and her Intern, Tammy. I found Tammy extremely personable, friendly, and could sense she was skilled in this industry. After my re-touch, it was necessary to have a follow up and some tweaking performed. When I called my Artist, she referred me directly to Tammy. I called Tammy and she was able to easily work with my schedule. She did an amazing job! I felt immediately comforted in her studio which was trendy, clean, and very professional. It’s a pleasure to know that she is so talented, can perform the “old school” style that I still prefer, and can offer such a pleasant experience. She will definitely be my forever permanent makeup Artist, and I will definitely be referring her name and services to my friends, acquaintances, and family.

Melissa Goodman
Sr. Project Assistant Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. Madison, WI

Thanks again for fitting me into your schedule. I love my eyebrows….great ‘hair lines’! I will definitely be calling you in the spring.


Great experience with eyebrows & eyeliner, very clean and professional atmosphere! Tammy is truly an artist!


Love my brows, they look great and the experience was exceptional! Tammy is very gentle, kind, loving, kind and talented. Great experience.


Hi Tammy,

I wanted to let you know I love my eyebrows and they look great!


It seems like every time I noticed a friend’s groomed and shaped eyebrows, they’ve said the same thing: “microblading” “microblading” “microblading”. Figured I’d get them done next time I was in NYC since that’s where a lot of those friends lived and where I figured I’d have the best chance of finding someone good. I was wrong! Did a little research and found Tammy in town. No flight required (see Covid)! I am positive I could not have found a better artist ANYWHERE and her prices are very reasonable. She was METICULOUS. I LOVE my brows. They look polished every day with the most minimal effort. My only regret is now I’ve locked myself into keeping them up . HIGHLY recommend.

Grace T

I absolutely love my eyebrows! I asked myself why I waited so long to get them done. Waking up for work and not having to do my eyebrows is such a time saver. Tammy is amazing at what she does. I won’t go anywhere else, I do believe she is the best. Her Bio alone says it all! Thanks Tammy! See you for my touch-up.


I have been looking at micro-blading my eyebrows for 3 years and terrified to do it! I found Tammy and read a bunch of reviews. While still nervous as it is my face, I made the appointment. I honestly only thought of permanent make-up as a vanity thing, but I severely underestimated it! Tammy was extremely thorough in making sure the eyebrows were even and in line with my face…she spent more time measuring to get them perfect, than the actual micro-blading. Everything was extremely clean and well organized. There was some pain in the beginning, but Tammy did warn me in advance, but she used some numbing medicine that she wiped on and before I knew it, there was no pain at all. It was a very easy procedure, thanks to Tammy. I cannot tell you how many people have asked me what I use on my eyebrows, because they are so perfect and when I tell them they are micro-bladed, they have a hard time believing me, because they look so real…I have even been called a liar, when I told them they are micro-bladed. Thank-you Tammy for your professionalism and expert work!!


Tammy has exceptional skills! I am incredibly happy with my eyebrows and I would recommend Lasting Beauty to anyone. After my microblading appointment, I didn’t experience any pain, scabbing or peeling. I can’t believe how great they heeled and how natural they look!

Megan B

I’ve had unsolicited comments, when they noticed I’ve had brow microblading, of how my brows look great, including a saleslady at a Macy’s cosmetics counter. She was surprised to hear it was performed locally, as this is the first one she has seen done well locally. I appreciate Tammy’s clear instruction sheets regarding preparation, expectations and after procedure care. I highly recommend Tammy’s services.

Susan F

Tammy was friendly, professional, and did an excellent job, both with the work and explaining the procedure, after care, and expectations. I would highly recommend!


Tammy is so professional and easy to work with! Her studio is clean and well set up, and I was there for exactly the promised 2 hours she said it would take, and I left with beautiful brows. No touch-up is required, but she does offer that service if it is desired. Making my appointment was easy and she got me in quickly. She sent me home with a care package that contained witch hazel and some ointment for the aftercare of my brows, and almost a week later, they are healing nicely. Tammy’s pricing is very reasonable compared with other businesses I researched prior to choosing Lasting Beauty Cosmetics, and the results are better than I could have hoped for. I will not hesitate to go back to her for my touch-ups in a year or two when needed, and am considering permanent lip color in the future! Thank you Tammy, for a job well done!


I came back to see Tammy for my one year touch up on my eyebrows. She is very professional with outstanding skills. She listens to what you want done and then she does it perfectly. I absolutely love my eyebrows. I will always return to only Tammy with future appointments.

Diane S

Tammy is excellent to work with! She was very thorough about explaining the process and what to expect. She asked question and made sure she understood what I wanted and agreed with the brow design. I was so impressed that I immediately scheduled another appointment to have my eyeliner done. Thank you Tammy.


Tammy was amazing. So professional, kind, informative, etc. She was able to answer all of my questions and ease any worry or concern I had. Highly recommend if you are looking for microblading in the Dane County area.

Anna P

Tammy was incredible and I am so happy with the results of my microblading. She was very thorough and explained every step of the process. She took the time to make sure I was completely happy with the look and placement of the brows before beginning the microblading. She is truly a perfectionist!! I will absolutely use her again and am already contemplating my next service. Highly recommend.


I had the microblading and absolutely love my brows. Tammy is very skilled in the application and her keen eye made me feel very confident and comfortable. I relied on her expertise and guidance when I had questions. Highly recommend her services!

Debbie D

The owner, Tammy is fabulous. She took the time to make me feel comfortable and secure. She took the time to explain exactly what she was doing. She was very careful and precise, making sure my eyebrows were perfect and included my opinion along the way. I absolutely love them. I no longer need to paint them in and guess where they were before. I just get up and go! Thank you so much…love them!

Mary Joe

I’m a return customer to Lasting Beauty Cosmetics, since it was time to refresh my eyebrow microblading and my eyeliner. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone but Tammy. She takes the time to carefully plan the work with you, to make sure you will be happy with the result. She takes care to use anesthetic so you will be as comfortable as possible. Tammy spends quite a lot of time attending classes and improving her skills with the latest techniques. Not to mention, her studio is always spotlessly clean!


I had been thinking about getting my eyebrows done for several years, but felt very nervous about it. I chose Lasting Beauty Cosmetics after reading very positive reviews. I’m so glad I did. Tammy listened to my concerns and gave me the eyebrows I had dreamed about. She was very patient and explained what she was doing at every step. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend Tammy and Lasting Beauty Cosmetics.


Very professional and knowledgeable! Tammy was able to let me know the best brow enhancement for my oily skin. She shaped my brow to best fit my face shape and bone structure.

Erika T

I love the results of my permanent eyeliner. The service was done in such a professional manner! After about a week my eyes fully healed and it is so nice to not have to apply eyeliner anymore! The studio were very clean and the service provided was professional but personal. I felt in safe hands with someone who had decades of experience. I highly recommend Lasting Beauty Cosmetics to anyone considering permanent makeup applications.

Great experience! Tammy provided help in selecting a color for brows. She explained the process as it was happening. Provided detailed info on how to care for brows. I was nervous that the brows were really dark after, but faded to the color I was hoping for within 2 weeks. I’m very happy with results and would recommend Tammy.

Jen M

Do not wait any longer if you’re considering microblading. Tammy is amazing! Very thorough and clearly explains the best options for your needs. Highly recommend! Absolutely LOVE my brows and how now they are zero maintenance. Best decision to finally have them done.

Jennifer S

Tammy is an amazing person! She has great attention to detail and made sure my brows were perfectly drawn before she began. She is kind, caring and self assured. Her place is clean and I felt very safe having my procedure done by her. She is incredibly talented! Don’t hesitate to see her!!!

JoAnn M

I can’t believe I haven’t already written a review for Tammy. She is incredible! I first had my eyebrows microbladed in October of 2019 and my experience was perfect. She took lots of time to make sure my new brow shape was meticulously laid out and that I felt happy with it every step of the way. She is also incredibly experienced which was necessary because sometimes I had strong opinions about what I wanted and sometimes I wanted to defer to her professional opinion. She really knows her job backwards and forwards (and her reviews and client photos speak for themselves). I felt totally confident that she would not let me make a choice that was going to end up looking strange or out of proportion but also that she wouldn’t override my opinions and do something I wouldn’t like.

I recently had my eyebrows refreshed. After 18 months they were still in great shape but they had faded naturally over time. The second experience was even easier in every way! I can’t express how much more confident I feel since having this done. It really has been the most impactful $400 I’ve ever invested in myself. My mom has been jealous of my brows since I had them done and just scheduled her first appointment for next month while she will be here visiting me.

You cannot go wrong with Tammy!


The detailed information and professionalism Tammy provides is #1, loved her thoroughness and end results are exactly as promised. Highly recommend!!


Tammy Stanek was wonderful. Made me feel at ease and very professional. I highly recommend her!!


I’ve been going to Tammy for several years now to get my eyebrows done. You are in the best of hands with her. She is incredibly talented, professional and kind. If you’ve been thinking about permanent makeup for a while now, don’t hesitate any longer. Tammy will work wonders for you!! It is 110% worth it. Everyday I am grateful for my perfect eyebrows.


Such a wonderful experience. Tammy made me feel very comfortable. I feel like I look 10 years younger. Professional setting. Would highly recommend her services.


Fantastic job at microblading! She listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me visualize my “perfect” brow

Brianna N

My lip line has been uneven for years. I had lip liner done and had a great outcome! The lip color matches well to natural color and now lips are even.

Theresa schneider

I had gotten so tired of using powders and pencils to define my sparse brows every morning, so I did a lot of research and chose lasting beauty for my microblading. I was nervous about what the end result might be. I was put at ease by Tammy and I could not recommend her more. I’m so happy with my brows and I wish I hadn’t waited so long!

Joy Boelter

Tammy’s skill and professionalism are of the highest caliber. Her vast experience and specialized training from an Italian based pioneer in the field of tricopigmentation, make her the top choice! Her customer service and facilities are beyond excellent. Highly recommended!