Mens Eyebrow & Eyeliner


Men’s eyebrow & eyeliner is a great solution for men with alopecia or light and thinning brows. Also Men who have scars in their brow line or cancer and have lost partial or all of their eyebrows and eyelashes.   Shape, size and color will be decided at your appointment to bring back the masculine look of your own brows or lash line.  Not only woman benefit from Microblading and Permanent eyeliner, but men do as well.

Mens Eyebrow & Eyeliner

Lash enhancement

A lash enhancement is subtle, using a complementary color to Darken the lash line and brightening the appearance of your eyes. The pigment is applied between the lashes and is implanted directly into the lash line to create a thicker lash line.  There are more than 200 eyelashes in each of our eyelids and lashes are shed every 3-5 months.  We have at least 2-5 rows of eyelashes on each eyelid. Using complementary colors enhances the lash line and is a great procedure for men or for women.