Eyeliner Tattoo


Eyeliner tattoo or Permanent eyeliner will brighten and open up the eyes.  Pigment is applied along the lash line as well as above the lashes to contour the shape of the eye.  Each persons eye shape is different, therefore the contour of the eyeliner tattoo is shaped to compliment each individual eye set. If you want smudge free eyeliner and to look your best day and night, Eyeliner tattoo is for you!

Eyeliner Tattoo Photos

Lash Enhancement

A lash enhancement is subtle, using a complementary color to Darken the lash line giving the appearance of mascara. The pigment is applied between the lashes and is implanted directly into the lash line to create a thicker lash line.  There are more than 200 eyelashes in each of our eyelids and lashes are shed every 3-5 months.  We have at least 2-5 rows of eyelashes on each eyelid. Using complementary colors enhances the lash line and is a great procedure for men or for women.