Microneedling is a process which is similar to pigment implantation, but without using pigments (ink). A “dry needle” is directed through the center of crevices (wrinkles) or acne scars to draw a light bloodline. As the brain recognizes trauma to that area, it responds by generating collagen and elastin directing it to the affected area. We also skim the entire surface of you face or neck to help diminish fine lines.

Microneedling Photos


Microneedling or Skin needling, also known as (CRT) Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy is a revolutionary new way of reducing wrinkles and tightening aging skin through stimulating the production of new collagen under the skin.  This is a wonderful alternative to laser re-surfacing and chemical peels in that the epidermis – the protective outer layer of your skin – is not destroyed in the process as it is with these other procedures, thereby avoiding such very real potential problems as hyperpigmented (dark) marks on the skin, persistent redness and sun sensitivity.  

The downtime is much shorter than with these other alternatives, usually only 24 hours to 2 days before you can go out with any remaining evidence of the procedure covered by makeup.  

Contrast that with the typical weeks or even months before your appearance returns to normal when you have laser re-surfacing or chemical peels. A serum is used specific to your skin type. The time it takes is dependent on how much of your face you would like to do.

 As with other procedures, I use topical anesthetics which, depending on the area of microneedling and your individual comfort level, make the procedure almost discomfort free.  I divide the face in to 3 main areas – the mouth and chin area, the eye area and the forehead.  Each area typically takes about 1/2 hr to 45 min to needle.  If you have extensive wrinkling, it could take up to two hours to accomplish.  Each area is priced independently (see Pricing page), or if you opt to have a full face needling the price is reduced.  And the best part is that it’s much less expensive than these other procedures!  Certainly, an important consideration to most of us!!



Scar Relaxation is a process that releases fibrous bands of scar tissue from the patient’s affected area. This procedure was discovered in 1988.  Scar Relaxation is the application of repetitive circular tattooing movements to create a softer skin texture and to soften the fibrous bands of collagen (scar tissue) to give the patient more flexibility in their movements. This procedure works well on all contracted tissue with exceptional results on hands.  With Scar Relaxation procedure fibrous bands of scar tissue needled promoting the ability to move and stretch the skin where it was once tight.


To have more maneuverability in the contractured tissue, this procedure will achieve that. The tissue will be flatter, giving the patient range of motion that was only possible with surgery prior to this procedure.